The Root of it all: Wingsuit Flight.

Okay, I’m joking right? Wingsuitting? Seriously?! Like, of all the things in life THAT is my goal and motivation behind this blog?

Yes new friends, it really is.

I mean, check this picture out…


That feeling of soaring, literally in its purest form with nothing but you and the forever sky; the coming into understanding of, becoming respectful of, and then finally mastering of the almighty element of Wind; befriending the clouds and laying watch over the Earth; to feel limitless in a place untamed, ungoverned or ruled; to exist suspended in a calm and surreal place between heaven and earth where absolutely nothing else matters but that precise moment in flight; to experience something so magical and unique that few in this world can honorably claim as their own.

Well. I have every intention to boldly and loudly lay claim to a piece of that divine treasure and prove to the world that I am destined for this.

This is my dream. This is the stuff of my dreams! 

And I am hell bent on achieving my dream.


So where to start?

Well, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk, then walk before you can run. Unarguably the most annoying part. The learning game, the patience, the trial and error, the successes and failures. All to achieve an end goal: to run… or to fly!

Start with sky diving itself: the crawling part. Keep your head down, pay your beginner dues, learn quickly and enjoy the ride. Understand fully of what you are getting yourself into and that this sport does involve putting your life in danger. This should not cripple you or scare you away, nor should it ever stray too far into the backspace of your mind. Find and understand that tender balance and continue forward, one foot in front of the other, step by step. Become a sky diver.

Next comes walking. I see this as learning the art of tracking: a technique or method of body positioning that results in the greatest and swiftest forward projection. Tracking suits may come into play to further your distance and air-time; techniques with body control and accuracy are dialed in… things that are parallel fundamentals to wingsuitting.

And then we run. 200+ sky dives later and you may be allowed to step into a wingsuit, or “prom dress” as we jokingly call them. Find someone who wants to teach you, find a wingsuit that fits you and launch yourself from the plane. After that?? Ha, well, I am beyond excited to discover for myself.

My happy ass is currently sitting in the 60’s for my jump number. 140 shy of my goal. To some that doesn’t seem so bad but in my eyes it is Goliath. Now, if I was a child of a millionaire or married into the wealthy house-wife lifestyle then this number would be defeated swiftly. Unfortunately, I am not in that lucky of a position to literally walk up and claim that crown. I will have to work for it, I may have to sacrifice a lot to get there, I know I will get discouraged and want to give up on my dream. But I am beyond determined to accomplish this goal, hell or high water. I’m a believer in the Law of Attraction (another post later this week) and I will succeed. 

Ha, do you sense some passion behind my goal? Maybe just a little?

This is why I am writing my experience down. Maybe someone out there will read it and find motivation in their own lives, maybe even to wingsuit!

But that magical day when I am fully sponsored and am flying next to my wingsuit idols over the great Alps being filmed for some epic adventurous video with Supertamp productions, I will be able to trace that exact moment back here where it all began as a dream, written on a basic blog that was started on a whim.

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