ROK BLOCK Tailgate Gap Cover 4.25″ width


  • Eliminates debris from falling into the tailgate gap area, greatly reducing clean-up time. Prevents damage to tailgate.
  • When tailgate is closed ROK BLOCK doubles as a tailgate seal for the tailgate gap, preventing dust and water intrusion when using a truck cap or tonneau cover. NOTE: To seal the sidewalls install patented Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal (sold separately, ASIN: B00IPQWXZQ).
  • Adheres to all surface finishes, including spray on bed liners, using integrated 3M ST1200 tape. Apply when the air and surface temperature is between 55° – 104°F (13° – 40°C).
  • Protects dogs from possible injury when paws fall through the tailgate gap
  • EXCLUDED Pickup Trucks (2): RAM with Multifunction Tailgate, Honda Ridgeline with Dual Action Tailgate. For Nissan Frontier pickup, Ford Ranger 2019 and newer, and all pickup trucks overseas use 7 inch width ROK BLOCK XL (ASIN: B075PWVW67). Made in USA