Maxmoral 1pc DC 12V 24V LED Strip Dimmer Switch Adjustable Controller Manual Knob Dimmer Switch Black


  • Type: 1pc Black LED Dimmer Switch, be widely used in single color led lamp adjust brightness and switch on/off. Perfect tools for most lighting purpose.
  • Operate Voltage: DC12-24V; Max Static Power: 1W; Max Output Current: 6A; Output Power: 5V(30W), 12V(72W), 24V(144W); Output: 1 channel
  • Knob Operated Control: Rotate the knob to turn on/off the light brightness gradually to the appropriate light intensity. Easy to use.
  • DC Standard Plug: 5.5×2.1mm male / female power plug connector, professional appearance for power cabling, save time and more secure cable connection.
  • Wide Application: Mainly Used To Adjust The Brightness Of Single Color LED Lights, Such as 3528, 5050, 5630 Strip LED ligths for urban lighting, holiday atmosphere, KTV, gym, car lights, etc.