Lets get started.

Hello world.

Here I am. In humble beginnings, finally committing to the world of blogging. I never thought I’d be here doing this… but isn’t that what a lot of the amazing people in this world say?

So why am I doing this? Well, the very bottom reason of it all is to document my journey to becoming a wingsuit pilot. Yes, that’s right, a wingsuit pilot. Like, actual wingsuit?  You read right: I want to fly like those squirrels you see on Discovery channel. I want to open my wings and soar for days. I want to be known around the globe for my pink and black “prom dress”. I want…

Okay, getting ahead of myself! This week I intend to break my life down and tell you who I am in the form of my passions, beliefs, desires, ambitions, and dreams. If I may borrow your time then I will tell you my story. It’s an exciting one. And believe me when I say it’s only about to get better!

I’m not sure if this will really go anywhere. Quite frankly, I’m doubtful it will. I have no intention to quit my day job, become a daily blogger and somehow make millions of dollars sitting at my kitchen table (although we all know how amazing that would be!). I would be amazed if this one day launched into it’s own, true blog… not hitch-hiking from a launching site. But hey, worst case scenario, I will have kept a pretty awesome journal of my journey to soaring flight. And who knows what will happen along the way.

So if you’re still with me and genuinely want to tag along for the ride and witness my life take off and transform, I lovingly hand you front row tickets.

Let’s get started.

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