Lets get back to this.


Didn’t my epic blog plans derail and crash and burn like no other, or what?! Just as I thought might end up happening, although never the intention. So lets get you caught back up.

Firstly, my wingsuit goal did fall to the wayside quite a bit. It is not crossed off and left for dead, oh no. I still have every intent to reach that goal. It just didn’t happen this year like I was aiming. Although there is a solid reason behind that.

One of my other passions is my truck. I do, after all, drive my dream truck every single day. Yes, beginning at the age of 26 I owned the vehicle of my dreams. (Remember mentioned the Law of Attraction previously? Bingo. How many people can claim THAT.)

Here is how he currently looks.

Oh. Man. Weak in the knees….!! (insert heart-eyed emoji)

If you know, or don’t know, Toyota Tacomas are not exactly cheap. Even in my 12 months of searching for a used one, I was still expecting to pay a hefty chunk of change. Well, I bought new and am building it to become overland worthy. Or basically capable of living off-grid with the ability to go anywhere. If I ever hit the point in my life where I can quit my day job and take off with this beast to explore and wander for a while… then we have made THE DREAM come true. But I digress.

This is the reason my wingsuit goal was brushed aside for the last half of the 2016 year. A local truck group here in Salt Lake began planning camping trips every other weekend, with some trips reaching the far borders of the state, even into neighboring states. We would spend Friday through Sunday roaming the landscape, exploring the sites, laughing around campfires, talking truck shop talk and trying to figure out how we could do this for a living…

And I was hooked. I craved it all, the camaraderie, the dusty roads, sleeping under the stars… I felt like I belonged. I’d found my tribe. And so, my weekend priorities changed. It was no longer Sunday Skydive day but Off-road Warrior Weekend.

And all those gas station fill ups and new truck parts adds up. Suddenly I wanted more camping gear and more off-road capable items in the pursuit of being able to live off the grid. I became best friends with Amazon all over again and combed obsessively through the group buys and used truck parts section in the Tacoma forums.

Admittedly, it has been tough dividing my time and money between two things I passionately love. And I mean REALLY tough. I am so torn. If I had accomplished my wingsuit goal then it would feel a little less painful, but that Goliath still tromps around in my world. However, with the fact that winter has officially arrived the dropzone has closed. Which means my attention can turn squarely towards my truck for a few months. I may get around to posting my trucking adventures. They are definitely worth sharing.

Can I also mention how in three days I will be flying to Iceland?! That’s right. Iceland. In December. I am finally checking this off my bucket list, which has claimed a prime slot for quite a few years. Everything fell into place to make it happen and I jumped on it. I can’t wait to post the details on here.

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