Finding Your Voice – This is my story

There comes a time in every persons’ life when you finally find Your Voice – and I’m talking much greater than your literal voice.

This is your inner Voice; the Voice of your soul. Some people are fortunate with finding it early on in life. Others may not find it until a much later age.

This Voice we all have can take on many different forms. Maybe you have a skill or craft in which your Voice is heard; perhaps you speak the loudest in the form of well-structured words; maybe it is spoken through gestures and acts toward others; or maybe your Voice is literally your own voice, only now it is heard with a force and clarity unlike anything before.
Your Voice could be found in an instant or found progressively over time, as mine did. No matter what form it takes or at what time in your life it is found, we all have our very own – as unique to us as the fingerprints on our finger tips.

For me, my Voice began within the last several months and has only progressively risen in volume. The greatest part of all is that it is still growing louder, which is both exciting and terrifying. It is completely new territory for me in my journey and I have yet to see where my Voice takes me.

A few short years ago, I was as timid and shy as they came. I had insecurities up the wazoo and would be the very last person to speak. I feared having an opinion that was different than everyone and would default to the “People Pleaser” in me, under every circumstance. I flew safely and comfortably under the radar – don’t step on any toes and no one will know you exist. That is, until the Universe decided it was time to change all of that.

In steps Player Two: an inanimate object in the form of a brand new Toyota Tacoma. I stood there that day, scared shitless, with the keys to my dream vehicle in one hand, wondering, “What in the hell did I just sign myself up for?!” Meanwhile, the Universe was mischievous grinning, saying, “Oh my darling, you have NO idea what it’s store for you.”

Fast forward four years and, without a doubt, this new vehicle of mine literally forced me out of my oh-so-comfortable shell. Vacate notices where posted and new locks put on all the doors. There was absolutely no going back to the old me.

My Voice originally began and progressively grew through social media platforms, as is fairly common for a lot of people these days. Instagram was my primary source with Facebook hot on it’s heels.

What started as an enjoyment of taking fun and useless photos soon evolved into more directed story-telling. I enjoyed bringing viewers along for the adventure. I would caption the photos on Instagram just briefly – nothing much. However, over in Facebook world, I would write out the entire adventure. I found that I wrote surprisingly well when I felt passionately towards something. My truck, outdoors, anything that hit close to home emotionally was always the easiest to write about.

Not very long ago, it sort of dawned on me one day that Instagram was far more than just a photo with a few words paired with the unrealistic dream of chasing after that elusive “Follower” number.

The thought struck me: What if this could be something bigger? What if people out there were genuinely interested in what I had to say? What if people out there related to me on a personal level – not just exclusively over the same passion (trucks, off-roading, etc). What if Instagram was more about finding myself, tucked away somewhere, squarely between the comments, likes and reposts.
Suddenly, the number of followers was no longer the end goal. The end goal was to be authentic – to show the world exactly who Badass Brunette was; to be as human as possible, mistakes and all; to be relatable; to no longer be a faceless name with a badass truck.

Now mind you, this is the same thought process that stemmed the origin of this website and blog. I thought, hell, if I was already doing fun adventures, taking somewhat decent photos, and had a passion for writing about it all, why not start throwing it all the wall to see what sticks?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
my Voice had officially begun.

In the short time that this new door was opened, I noticed a more genuine following on Instagram had begun. People were now engaged and interested in what I had to say. Suddenly I was giving the Badass Brunette name a face – appearing more forward facing and speaking more boldly. I found myself putting my own Self out there in new ways. I was breaking free of the old mold – a mold that limited my entire potential and kept one foot squarely planted on the ground.

Thus begins the age of all new territory for me. My metaphorical wings are spread and it’s time to see where this new Voice of mine will take me. It’s absolutely terrifying and incredibly exciting. I never dreamed I would ever be here and now and cannot wait to see what is in store!

We all have a Voice within us, so what about yours?
In what form does your Voice exist?
(If it has been found)

May you always use your Voice for good in this world. Your Voice is capable of moving mountains and building empires. It is powerful and completely indestructible. Many never fully tap into the full potential their Voice has to offer while they are in existence.
However, if you are able to accomplish that feat, the world is entirely yours for the taking. There’s no telling what you would capable of accomplishing.

Is that not a ridiculously exciting thought?!

Perhaps one of these days I’ll share exactly HOW, I believe, my Voice was brought about. Instagram was simply just one of the tools in the shed. It took self-belief, self-awareness, courage, and faith.
Even still, my Voice has a long way to go. Time will only tell where this road will lead!

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice – This is my story

  1. I love this! I’m actually going through the ‘finding my voice’ phase right now. I’m so glad I was able to go and see you speak at the Offroad Expo in Sandy. I read your most recent post a couple days ago and it gave me the fire I had lost for my own blog. Here I am after I’ve resurrected it. Thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring to get back to sharing mine.

    1. Badass Brunette – I am on a mission to be apologetically Me - true to myself and what I believe in, pursuing all adventures that set my soul on fire, living this life to the fullest extent and allowing the world to join me on the journey.
      Badass Brunette says:

      Thank you for the comment! I’m so glad you took the time to write it. I had started this blog over two years ago and only recently fired it up back up again, so I totally understand how that goes! How about we keep one another motivated to keep them going, you game?! 🙂

      Also that’s really awesome you heard me speak at the Expo. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you one of these days!

      1. I’m game! If you go to Overland Expo in Flagstaff or are part of any of the local Toyota groups, I’m sure we will meet at some point. Or even (with the fear of sounding creepy or stalkerish ) for coffee or something.

      2. Badass Brunette – I am on a mission to be apologetically Me - true to myself and what I believe in, pursuing all adventures that set my soul on fire, living this life to the fullest extent and allowing the world to join me on the journey.
        Badass Brunette says:

        I’m almost 100% sure I will be at Overland Expo this year so we will definitely have to connect out there. Otherwise, coffee is always a favorite, to which I never say no to!

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