#DailyMotivation: Which one are you?

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I used to be the first. I used to be a die-hard people pleaser, sometimes at the expense of loosing myself entirely.

And then my Give-A-Shit broke and I was liberated.

I may have lost a few friends at that point, but it was one of the most freeing lessons I have ever learned.

Nowadays, I have a much smaller circle of friends, but my level of self awareness and sense of worth have never been greater. It’s fucking fantastic.

So which one are you?

3 thoughts on “#DailyMotivation: Which one are you?

  1. Like you, I used to be a people pleaser. I am deep in the throws of learning how to be myself, which means I’m learning who I truly am. It is absolutely freeing. And I’m a thousand times less afraid of standing up for myself and my values.

    1. Badass Brunette – I am on a mission to be apologetically Me - true to myself and what I believe in, pursuing all adventures that set my soul on fire, living this life to the fullest extent and allowing the world to join me on the journey.
      Badass Brunette says:

      I love your comments! It’s such a powerful and liberating thing to come awake to, isn’t it? Keep it up lady!

  2. This reminds me of a quote by Charles bukowski “isolation is a gift, all the others are a test or your endurance” I have to agree with you, losing friends isn’t fun but man finding yourself is beyond understanding

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