#DailyMotivation: Toxic people are the source of mold that affects the entire fruit basket.

I have witnessed this first-hand.
Once upon a time, There was a new person that came into our circle of friends and immediately began changing the dynamic entirely. Even through the smiles, They were A negative cloud of energy. I truly believe that this person played a significant role as to why the circle of friends ultimately fell apart. It all started with one moldy fruit in the basket.

Pro Life tip: Become incredibly selective on who you surround yourself with.

Seek those who up-lift and inspire.
Seek those who see the beauty in life.
Seek those who genuinely want to see you succeed.
Seek those who make you laugh.
Seek those who enrich your life.

Anything else is just a Big ol’ leech.
These people struggle with obtaining positive light in their life and will swiftly rob you of yours. In a group scenario, they can, and will, bring everyone down to their level. Often they do so unknowingly, But everyone will definitely feel it.

kick the leeches in your life to the curb. Most of the time, it is not worth it to waste your precious energy on them.
Give thanks for the lesson(s) they taught you, and kindly shoo them out the door.

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