“Brave is the man who loves a wild woman.” – The untold story behind what it really takes.

An interesting fact about me is that, to this specific day, I have not been in a true-blue relationship for several years now, and it honestly took me many of those years to figure out exactly why that was. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be in one. I would meet people time and time again, things would seem to be going well until all of sudden they were no longer interested, or they just disappeared all together. Short-lived flings were as common as annoying telemarketer calls.

I mean, what gives?! Did I say something wrong? Am I physically unattractive? What am I doing wrong to scare everyone away? I don’t understand…

Over time, instead of trying to understand everyone else, I turned around and started working on understanding myself more. Turns out, there was nothing wrong with me all along. What I slowly began to realize was that men were, in fact, intimidated by me. This was a strange realization to make. I’m naturally this quite, soft-spoken individual, and yet people were picking up on something significantly greater.

I have a confidence to my demeanor – as told by several sources in recent years. At that time however, little did I know that I possessed a direction, drive, and purpose in my step and in the way I carried myself. Sure I didn’t say much, but those things I didn’t say, said it all.

Another thought dawned on me about this time. This is going to sound a little strange but I have a theory that a vast majority of men genuinely do not know how to handle a truly, wildly spirited woman. Not to sound all ridiculously feministic on you here, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense in my mind. Better yet, I may have found another unbeknown reason for the (somewhat) unintentionally solo status.

An interesting thought to have, so I dug a little deeper.

Beneath this outwardly calm and introverted exterior, there is one hell of a fiery personality. My dreams are massive, my passions run very deep through my soul, and when I love, it’s with everything I’ve got. That is a force to be reckoned with – something totally unseen but definitely understood somewhere within us. I believe that many people unknowingly sense this. And if they happen to meet someone with a fire stronger than their own, with or without knowing the reason why, they will turn and run the other way.

Hmmm. I felt like I was shedding more light onto why “catching a break” was hard to come by, especially when everyone else around me was having this great success with falling in love.

Here are where my conclusions have lead so far.

Wild women are extremely hard to love for a multitude of reasons. It takes something extraordinary to not only win us over, but to keep us coming back. Our walls are high, fortified, and not very keen on letting just anyone in. We are incredibly selective on who we allow into our lives, and even further selective on who we choose to love. Weak or cowardice men have no place because they cannot handle what we have to offer.

We don’t settle and therefore are perfectly content to walk alone. We don’t need someone to save the day for us – a new-age way of thinking, coming from a once subservient female society. This is not to say that a wild woman doesn’t need a man in her life, that’s ridiculous. This is simply saying that you will never see her play the Damsel In Distress card just to win you over. We won’t play helpless for attention – that’s not who we are and we know it.

If we need help, you better believe we have exhausted all other options before asking. Admittedly, even asking for help is something that can often be hard for us to do. We don’t like to perceived as weak or incapable. This creates a constant, silent tug-o-war in our minds, one that is genuinely tough to put aside at times.

Any man can fall for a wild woman, but he will soon realize how inadequate he is to handle her. It’s the cliche fact that you cannot tame a woman with a wild heart. You can’t put her in a box and expect her to be your submissive piece of arm candy, following your rules and wanting to make only you happy. The exact opposite is true.

You must fan her flames and watch her dance through life as wild and free as the day you met her. You must encourage her dreams and compliment her passion for life. She will put herself first and foremost – a somewhat selfish concept to consider, but she is self-aware enough to know that this is HER life and her own happiness is paramount. You can either honor that or you can forget about winning her over.

Stepping up to the plate requires courage and some serious confidence to not be intimidated. You have to stand firm in your own greatness in order to stand anywhere near hers. You have to be strong and hold yourself high with what you bring to the table, especially when dealing with a woman who isn’t afraid to eat alone. That confidence speaks volumes and is, more often than not, the Achilles heel to many failed chances. If she can’t pick up on that from you then you probably don’t stand a chance with her. Average will not make the cut. You must stand tall with who YOU are and what you have to offer, imperfect edges and all. She can see the genuine through the bullshit, I guarantee that.

There’s a magic that exists in the eyes of a woman with a wild heart. She will watch and silently observe the world around her, taking notes and adapting to her surroundings. If you catch her glance just right, you can see those flames twinkle in her eyes and you know you have a something special in your presence.

A wild woman’s loyalty is fierce and unwavering. She’s either all in or not at all – no gray area found here. She respects and holds sacred her heart and the feelings surrounding it, hence it not being easy to win them over. She is far from careless in these regards and will constantly analyze where her loyalties lie. On this same note, these sort of women are not usually the cheating kind. Because they hold these values so near and dear personally, they also offer a high level of respect for the other end of them… usually.

To win her full trust will take time. She will not hand over that side to just anyone, and will do so with absolutely every caution onboard. Wild women do not trust full-heartedly very easily, so you must be patient and consistent. That being said, if you betray a wild woman in any way, you will forever loose that sacred trust and you will never gain it back. Period. You will slam those walls shut so hard and forever be off her radar.

To love a wild woman is rightly intimidating. There are expectations and fine lines to be aware of. However, if you decide to rise up to the challenge, confident upon the ground on which you stand, fearless in who you are, driven with where you want to go in life, and fully aware and ready to put in the extra effort to win her over, then you just may find yourself in a relationship unlike any other you’ve had before.

She will have an unparalleled devotion to you. She will share in a life rich with adventures. She will let you in to her most deep and coveted shadows where you will find a side to her that very few people will ever get to see. You will meet the flaming heart and no other fire will ever do again. She will naturally cause you to want to be a better person, to protect this beautiful soul and to do everything possible to keep it yours. She will inspire you to chase your wildest dreams and observe this life through wonder-filled eyes. She will slow you down to live and cherish each and every moment, the same way she often does. Her attitude towards life will be contagious and you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

If you succeed in winning over her wild heart, you will have done what so many others only ever dream about but could never do. There were a multitude of “almosts” that paraded through her life prior to you, hoping for that chance, and she never chose any one of them.

You must recognize and honor this fact.

You, my friend, stand as an elite; chosen and trusted, she will surrendered herself to that powerfully beautiful vulnerability with YOU. There’s a promise that exists within that fact: your life will be rewarded beyond measure if you have the heart of a wild woman by your side.

“Brave is the man who falls for a wild woman.”


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