BAU – A new series highlighting inspirational badasses in my life. #BadassesAmongUs – 01

I would not be where I am today without inspiring individuals who have lead the way. The #BadassAmongUs series aims to highlight some of MY personal inspirations over the years. Some could be recognizable, while some may not be. Every feature has an extraordinary story. The goal is to share and hopefully inspire others along the way.



Richard & Ash with DeskToGlory

I thought pretty hard about who I wanted to give this very first feature to, so I went aaaaaall the back… Back to the inspiration that started it all for me.

– 01 –

This rad little duo are inspiring in everything the do! Let’s start with their trip from Vancouver, BC to Ushuaia, Argentina and back, in their trusty red first gen Tacoma. These two PROVED that you can travel very minimally and still have an unforgettable experience. Their example has firmly planted the idea that I could easily do the same with my 2nd gen Tacoma.

I started following their journey through South America about the time they hit the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.. or close to it. Ever since, it has been so fun to watch their continued travels and successes. Since returning from that trip, it has been chase trucks for the Baja 1000, projects with Toyota Canada, filming with XOverland, beautiful hikes, posts with the most stunning photography, features in a few printed works as well as Expedition Portal’s Top 25 IG overland accounts, and so much more. Woo! Talk about awesome!

Admittedly, I still have yet to meet Richard and Ash in person, but until then, I’ll keep being inspired and rooting from Utah.

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