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I love my Mountain Hatch tailgate panel!

No, I was not paid to say that, nor am I sponsored by them.
I genuinely love this product!

Check them out here:

mountain Hatch

From day one, this was an upgrade that I wished I had done so much sooner!
It has been worth every penny so far and I’m so glad I have it.

Mountain Hatch as created a tailgate insert to replace the grooved factory surface of the truck-bed side of the tailgate, creating a smooth surface. This is especially delightful for climbing in and out of the truck bed/camper. I can’t tell you how many times my knees suffered the wrath those damn grooves.

Not any more!!

And guess what?!

This charming thing of beauty is FDA approved, meaning,
it is food safe and you can meal prep directly on it.

That. Is. AWESOME.

Bonus Points are also awarded for the fact that it is a family owned company, made right here in America. They even offer coupon codes for Teachers, Military, First Responders, Nurses, and Public Works.

Hell yes!!

Also, the installation could not be any easier.

You simply unscrew the 15 bolts, pop off the old one and replace with your new Mountain Hatch tailgate insert.

These inserts also come in a variety of color options.
I’m somewhat of a chicken when it comes to color commitments, so I generally tend to play it safe with black – although the blue would have been a fun option.

I no longer have issues with fighting the grooves – no more tipped over drinks or unstable surfaces to work on. No more sore bum when admiring the view from the tailgate. No more toppled jet boil when making coffee (that has happened more than once).

It makes such a difference.

Again, worth every penny in my book.