Badass Basecamp


HERE YOU WILL FIND THE PROGRESSIVE POSTS PERTAINING TO THE details behind bringing Badass Basecamp to life!

Let’s start with Square 1.

Two months before Basecamp was initially scheduled to be production complete, I started with some prep work on the truck. There were a handful of key items I wanted to knock out before the camper was on it’s new home.

The first step: creating a solid foundation.
In other words, the truck bed needed some work.

I had an exceptionally unique challenge to overcome first and foremost: sealing a bed cage.

When I committed to a bed cage for my rear suspension, the idea of a wedge camper was nowhere in sight. Little did I know that a couple of months later I would put a deposit down on one! At that point, no other Drifter owner had a bed cage, so I couldn’t exactly pick their brain for ideas on how to cover the huge holes that were present in the bed of the truck.

I was not the most creative on ideas, so I turned to my friends over at Pro 4×4 who not only specialize in all things custom, but can seriously create just about anything! I told them that my requirements were that the covers had to be: removable (to access the shocks), durable, but most importantly water/dust proof. We had to prevent the outside from getting inside.

They accepted the challenge.

And the end results blew me away!

If it was possible to have a home-run in custom
work, Dave at Pro 4×4 knocked this one clean out of the park!

Removable, Custom shaped fiberglass covers, Lined with sealant and coated in bedliner.

“Houston, we have lift off!”

They even sealed up the mistakenly drilled hole on the driver side wheel well as if it never even happened. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I cannot thank these guys enough!

The next thing on the list with prepping the bed was to remove the flimsy plastic OEM bed rail caps and replace with steel (or aluminum) KB Voodoo ones. Some Drifter owners skipped this step, but I would highly recommend it. The flatter surface is significantly better at keeping the outside from getting inside. Not to mention, those said Drifter owners have often noticed some bowing with the plastic ones.

I say just set yourself up for success and DO THIS STEP.

Here are the Stock OEM ones.

Caps removed – 4 years of Trail Dust!

Get that surface clean!

Sometimes there is residual glue or tape that needs to be removed.

The next step is adding silicone to, again, keep the outside out. Some folks sealed up those individual holes with tape before the layer of silicone.

Like this…
(Courtesy of Tacomaworld)

I honestly forgot about that step and just ended up putting an obnoxious amount of silicone around each hole. Once you run silicone around the perimeter and all throughout the center, it’s time to add the new bed rail caps.

We put clamps and weights along the top to really seal it down. Overnight is best.


Oh, that is MUCH better.

Even if you don’t have a camper, this should still be something to consider upgrading. If your truck has a shell or bed rack, this is a WAY better platform to rest on.

Yeah, I highly recommend these.