Amazon Finds!


Here are all of my Amazon finds!

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People are always asking what I used as a bug screen for the back of the camper, this is it! I had to tack in the sides a little and I cut it almost in half vertically to fit the back of my Drifter. Hands down, this has been one of the best things I’ve done to the camper.


Often spotted in my IG stories, this mount holds my Code 4 LED control panel above the steering wheel. It consists of three parts…

Rear seat delete!

I have two of the storage “bins” side-by-side.

Also with the rear seat delete, there was a ton of road noise through the bare metal back there, so I sound-proofed with the panels.

Miscellaneous Finds

What levelers do I use with my camper?

I run a Hi-Lift jack because there is more than one way to use it.

You guys know I LOVE my morning camp coffee. This is the percolator I use.

Do you like to be organized, including in your truck? If you don’t have one of these, you probably should.

Work smarter, not harder. Call me a cheater but yes I carry a box of these in the truck.

Guys, I swear by this little device. The peace of mind it has brought me is incomparable!

I have blue Maxtrax, and I never leave home without them. My thought?
“Buy once, cry once.”

Calling all LADIES!!!
If there is one thing you MUST get in this world, it’s one of these. I am not kidding around.. this thing is an absolute game-changer!!

Are your D-Rings making a ton of rattling noise? Put some of these on them.

Hey! Do you own an inflatable paddle board? This compressor adaptor is the bees-knees!

My advice, if you have ANY weight in or on your bedrails,
Not joking around. My truck bed cracked without them when I had a RTT.

Having extra fuel is NEVER a bad idea.

Looking for a simple tire deflator? This is what I use. You preset the PSI and the tires deflate to that. There’s absolutely nothing fancy about them, but they work.

How do I find velcro-backed patches? I don’t. I make them! Cut some of this to the patch size and stick it onto the back. Easy!

Fridge tie-downs. You definitely want to secure that thing.



I have LED strips wired up to a dimmer switch.
There are four parts to this puzzle.

Some of the touches to BadassBasecamp!

Probably the #1 inquiry, what did I use to cover the side panels?

For those chilly times at camp, this little sucker comes in mighty handy.

How do I know the camper is level?
I just put one of these on the side of it! I even had one on the bed rack when I had a RTT.

There’s nothing better than sheets and blankets in the camper. It makes bedtime so cozy and homey. This is the comforter I’m currently using…

Hand-sewn seat cushions were made using these:

This is the solar kit I run.
Except —–>

These Turkish towels dry in no-time, great as a blanket, and don’t attract sand. I keep one in the camper.

…With these warm flannel bed sheets!

Gotta keep those drawers closed on the trail, so throw some magnet catches behind them.

I upgraded the charge controller to see what things are doing on a screen.

Drifter Owners
If you have ANY sort of camper on your truck bed, anything fully enclosed, you should definitely look into getting this. This item keeps the dust out from the gap with the tailgate.

With my solar, I picked up an inverter so that I can charge my laptop if I need to. The big thing is the pure sine wave – this allows for electronics like laptops.


I’ve added a couple of tasty upgrades to my Glock 19.

Nighttime perimeter checks in full illumination with this sucker.
It is insanely bright!