The Brunette behind the scenes

My name is Cristin Whetten!

I am an adventure-driven soul paired with a passion for living life to the fullest. Rarely will you find me at home when this world has so much to offer – from jumping out of airplanes to discovering new corners of this spectacular globe.

Currently I reside in Salt Lake City, Utah – home to the four seasons and endless amounts of adventure.

I drive the truck of my dreams – a Toyota Tacoma named Ronan. Together we roam, exploring and discovering new places, journeying near and far while meeting some of the most incredible people along the way.

I’m a world traveler and have been to places such as Europe, United Kingdom and Iceland with Bali next on the list.

I have a passion for story telling in the form of words, photography and video productions. I want to share the world that I see; I want to tell a story my way –
and I want to bring YOU with me.